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Interview tips (continued)

Remember! All the interviewer wants to know is, can you do the job?

Know your strengths, and mention ones that are relevant to the job you're being interviewed for.

It's important to quote examples of when you used the skills; it's not enough to just say you have the skills.

Typical strengths employers look for are:

Communication - the ability to get on with a wide range of people

Team working - the ability to be an effective team leader &/ or team member

IT skills - most jobs these days need some IT skills

Good attitude - hard worker, honest, polite, co-operative

Problem solving - using your initiative to identify solutions

Enthusiasm - employers like someone positive

Quick learner - so you can take on new tasks

Determination - shows you are focused on achieving goals

Flexibility - doing a variety of tasks to achieve a common goal.

If you're asked about weaknesses, don't list many - only mention one! Choose a minor flaw that isn't essential to the job. Turn it into a positive, such as how you've worked on the weakness. Or you could present it as an opportunity for development.

Good answers:

Strengths: 'I'm a good organiser, and I plan everything in detail. I showed this when I was given a new project, and I had to get it up and running from scratch.'

Weaknesses: 'Sometimes I'm too enthusiastic when working on a new project. But I've learned to adjust to everyone else's pace, and not go charging ahead.'

Ask your own questions

You should always have some questions for your interviewer to demonstrate your interest in the position. When you prepare for asking questions, divide them into

1. Questions about the job

2. Questions about the company.

3. What is the next stage?

If you like what you see and want the job, tell them as the interview is closing.

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